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Define a variable and write an inequality. Then solve. A local summer baseball team plays 20 games each season. So far, they have won 9 games and lost 2. How many more games must they win this season to win at least 75% of all their games?

I don't know what define a variable means but here is my work

9 + 2 <= 20
they must win 6 more games

  • inequality -

    A variable can be a symbol or word used to represent some value. For this problem W could be a variable representing the number of additional games that they must win to have won 75%.
    (number won so far) + (addtional won) >= 75% (total games)
    9 + W >= 0.75 * (20)
    Solve for W

  • inequality -

    If they win n more games then
    total games won = 9+n
    (9+n)/20 >/=.75
    9+n >/= 15
    n>/= 6

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