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Story Problem
Some friends are recording songs on a CD. The first 1/5 of the CD has Alex's songs.The next 12 minutes of songs are Henrique's. 1/3 of the time is Brian's songs. Sally has 32 minuites. How many minutes of music are there in all?

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    If we add up everybody's time, we should get the total time of the CD.
    Let M represent the total time of the CD. Everything will be in minutes.

    M= (1/5)*M + 12 + (1/3)*M + 32
    Combining terms...
    (1 - 1/5 - 1/3)*M=44
    Solve for M

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    Thank you. We came up with 94 2/7 which is approximately 94mins, 17 secs.

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    That is what I got, also.

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    the quotient of eight and twice a number

  • pre-algebra..8th grade -

    I need help withrational numbers

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