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algebra 2 problem...still having trouble!!!

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someone tried to help me but i still cant get the right it goes again!!

For 1980 through 1995, the number of degrees D (in thousands) earned by people in the united states and the percent of degrees P earned by women can be modeled by

D=-.096t^4 +3t^3-27t^2+91t+1700
where t is the number of years since 1980.

A. Find a model that represents the number of degrees W(in thousands)earned by women from 1980 to 1995.
Write the model in standard form.
B. How many degrees were earned by women in 1991? Explain please..

i know the answer but i don't know how to get it....i need to know how to do this....thank you

  • algebra 2 problem...still having trouble!!! -

    This looks like a question posted earlier, which I already answered.
    A. The number of degrees earned by women is W = D*P/100. Write out the formula, and you should get
    W = (-.096t^4 +3t^3 -27t^2+ 91t +1700)(.043t+49)/100
    B. For the number of degrees earned in 1991, use t=11 in the formula above.

  • algebra 2 problem...still having trouble!!! -

    the problem im having that your leaving out suppose to write this formula in standard form...i know the answer but i cant come up with the right answer...its suppose to be

    W=-.0004128t^5-.03414t^4+1.3539t^3-12.8387t^2+51.9t+833...this is suppose to be the answer to part A in standard form...but i don't know how they got it....i multiply them together but still don't come up with the same answer!!

  • algebra 2 problem...still having trouble!!! -

    I get a different value for the t^4 coefficient. It should be (-.096*49 + 3*.043)/100 = -.04575, not -.03414
    The "t" term should be 45.32, not 51.9
    The t^5 term and the constant term are OK. I did not check the t^3 and t^2 terms. Unless you copied the problem incorrectly, the book answer is wrong.

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