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Find a number such that 32 is 60% of the number.(decimal answer rounded to nearest tenth)

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    Here is the process:

    32 = 60%X = .6X

    53.3 = X

    Hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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    You were given:

    Find a number such that 32 is 60% of the number.

    NOTE: Decimal answer rounded to nearest tenth.

    Let x = number we want to find

    The word [of] means to MULTIPLY in math.

    The word [is] means EQUAL.

    We now have this equation:

    32 = 0.60(x)

    Divide both sides by 0.60 to find x.

    32/0.60 = x

    53.3333333, etc = x

    We round this decimal to the nearest tenths and we get

    53.3 = x


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