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Please help,

Locate one other point on the trend line. Then find the slope of the trend line.
...How do I do that?

  • Math -

    Divide the change in y (the vertical axis value) by the change in the x-axis value (which may represent time).

  • Math -

    3b. Pick any two points on the line and find the slope of the line.

    The slope is a numerical value that describes just how slanted a given line is.

    Here is is an example of finding the slope of a line.


    Given the points (3, 4) and (8, 9), find the slope.

    The symbol for slope is the letter m.

    Let m = slope.

    We now subtract b from d and a from c.

    (a,b) = (3,4)

    (c,d) = (8,9)

    m = (9 - 4)/(8 - 3)

    m = 5/5

    m = 1

    The slope is 1.

    Did you follow?

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