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When the declaration of independence was signed, Elbridge Gerry from massachusetts signed it too. My project is to research him and right a report. I have everything but one thing.... his viewpoints about breaking away from Great Britain. if you have anything about it that can help me even just a tiny bit i would be very thankful

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    wich is more important state or local goverment and why?

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    If this is a separate question, post it separately by using "Post a Question" above

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    I am doing a project on Cameroon, Africa and I can't find anything. It's due in 10 days!!!!! Ahaaaaa! -June

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    There is a goood biograhy of him here:

    He later served as governor of Massacussetts and Vice Presdent. He was criticized for his highly partisan methods while governor. The practice of gerrymandering congressional districts was named after him.

    Another quirk: Although he signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, he refused to sign the Constitution in 1789. He preferred the more loosely knit Continental Congress.

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    Thanks a million, drwls. that was exactly what i needed

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