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When you drop a 0.36 kg apple, Earth exerts a force on it that accelerates it at 9.8 m/s^2 toward the earth's surface. According to Newton's third law, the apple must exert an equal but opposite force on Earth. If the mass of the earth 5.98x10^24 kg, what is the magnitude of the earth's acceleration toward the apple? (the answer must be in units of m/s^2)

I tried this and used F=ma
(.36)(9.8) = (5.98x10^24)(a)
so a= 5.899x10^-25
But my answer was incorrect. Can someone tell me how to solve this problem and what I did wrong?

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    What exactly do you think is wrong with your answer. Roughly in my head I agree with you, about 6*10^-25 m/s^2

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    A 50.0 kg object is lifted using 4900.0 J. How high is it lifted?

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