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4 = 14

*5t-9 is over 4. if you understand the question please answer!!

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    Do have trouble finding t?

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    can you please help me, Joshua?

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    yeah all i need to find is t. it is really confusing me. can you please help me find what t is? if so thanks a lot

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    (5t-9/ 4 ) = 14
    5t-9 =14*4 multiply 4 to both sides, and it cancels the 4 on the left side.

    5t-9=56 add 9 to both sides, and it cancels on the left side.

    5t=65 divide by 5 on both sides

    t= 13

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    thanks a million!!

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    Joshua did a great job!

    I just want to say that to solve for a variable (any variable) means to isolate the variable on one side of the equation.

    Do you see, as Joshua said, that
    t = 13?

    Do you see that the letter or variable t has been isolated on one side of the equation?

    That means Joshua solved the equation for t.

    To find out if Joshua is correct (and he is), replace t with 13 in the original equation given and simplify.

    If you get the SAME answer on both sides of the equation, then you will know FOR SURE that t = 13.

    Got it?

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