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The following scores were recorded on a 200-point final examination:193,185,163,186,192,135,158,174,188,172,168,183,195,165,183.

Find the final examination score.
Find the median final examination score.
Is the mean or median a more useful representative of the final examination scores?

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    You have the same question as babygirl.

    Does Bybygirl = Tim and vice-versa?

    To find the final exam score, add all the scores and then divide by the number of scores listed, which is 15.


    Median is the middle value of a given list of numbers.

    How do we find the median?

    1-Put the numbers given in order from least to greatest.

    2-If the list of numbers given is ODD, the median will be the middle number of the list.

    3-If the list of numbers given is EVEN, we add the two middle numbers and then divide by 2.

    Try it and then write back.

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