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First of all I would like to thank everyone for helping me. The reason that I post my questions like I do is b/c they are multiple choice and all I'm looking for is to know if my answer is correct or not. If its not right then I would go back and try to solve it again but I'm posting the answers to the best of my knowledge and I really think I have them right,I work them out in my book and everything if my answer is right then why would I post my work that just wastes time IMO so please don't think I'm just looking for handouts. Thanks again.

  • Just a message(please read) -

    Most of the volunteers here are happy to check your answers. Sometimes we ask for the student to post his/her work as a way of finding where the student is making an error, assuming an error is made. Sometimes we give the correct answer if the wrong answer is chosen from a multiple list.

  • Just a message(please read) -

    DrBob222 is right. Whenever you're posting questions along with what YOU THINK the answer is (and some of your work, too, if possible), you'll be fine. People here are quite willing to help students who have obviously tried to help themselves.


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