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Given the vectors:
u = [3, 0]
v = [-1, 2]

a) Express the vector w = [2, 8] as a linear combination of vectors u and v.

How do I do this?

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    let [2,8] = a[3,0] + b[-1,2]

    so you get 3a - b = 2
    and 2b = 8

    from the second equation b = 4, subbing that back in to the first...
    3a - 4 = 2
    a = 2

    check to see if [2,8] = 2[3,0] + 4[-1,2]

    sure does!

    We were lucky that in the second equation one of the variables dropped out, normally you would end up solving 2 equations in 2 unknowns.

  • Math - Algebraic Vectors -

    What? I don't understand what you did. . .

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