iran national anthem

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I need the English lyrics of Iran's National Anthem...please help....

  • iran national anthem -

    Upwards on the horizon rises the Eastern Sun,
    The sight of the true Religion.
    Bahman - the brilliance of our Faith.
    Your message, O Imam, of independence and freedom
    is imprinted on our souls.
    O Martyrs! The time of your cries of pain rings in our ears.
    Enduring, continuing, eternal,
    The Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • iran national anthem -

    The immortal name of homeland
    The hopeful morning of homeland
    Show your face in the sky
    Like the immortal sun
    Oh homeland my life
    My passion and my joy
    Show your face in the sky
    Like the immortal sun
    listen to the pain of my words
    I am your companion singer
    All my body and soul
    My homeland, my homeland,my homeland, my homeland
    Listen to the pain of my words
    I am the nightingale of this garden
    All my body and soul
    My homeland,my homeland,my homeland,my homeland
    All with one name and symbole
    With different colors and languages
    All with one name and symbole
    With different colors and languages
    All happy and joyfully singing

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