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Trig functions and such

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1)Find the exact value of cot(-315)
B)square root of 2
C)square root of 2 over 2
I chose C

2)Find the exact value of sin(-pi/6)
B)-square root of 3/2
C)-square root of 2/2
D)square root of 2/2
I chose A

3)In triangle ABC, C=30, c=22, and b=42. Find B.
A)73 degrees
B)107 degrees
C)77 degrees
D)15 degrees
I chose A

4)Find the area of triangle ABC, if A is 55 degrees, b=8 meters, and c=14 meters.
A)91.7 sq meters
B)32.1 sq meters
C)45.9 sq meters
D)56.0 sq meters
I chose C

5)Which triangle has two solutions?
A)A=130 degrees, a=19, b=11
B)A=45 degrees, a=4square root of 2, b=8
C)A=32 degrees, a=16, b=21
D)A=90 degrees, a=25, b=15
I chose C

  • Trig functions and such -

    all ok except #1

    cot (-315)
    = cot 45
    = 1/tan 45
    = 1/1
    = 1

  • Trig functions and such -

    In abc,c=60 degrees,a = 12,and b=5 . Find c.

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