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which is correct?
a couple billions of dollar


a couple billion of dollars

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    Neither --

    "two billion dollars" would work just fine and is less iffy.

    Commonly understood:
    a couple = 2
    a few = 3 to 5
    several = 5 or more

    And when you use "a couple" in a sentence like this, you need to add the word "of" after it: e.g., I have a couple of CDs I'd like to get rid of.

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    then would "it cost them billions of dollars" work?
    i just don't know is the -s on billion or dollar.

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    Yes, you could say any of these:

    It cost them billions of dollars. (Make sure it's clear what "it" is.)

    It cost them two billion dollars.

    It cost them a couple of billion dollars. (This is not as formal as the other two, however.)

    What is your choice?


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