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If the rise of a roof is 8 feet and the run is 2 feet 8 inches, what is the pitch of the roof in lowest terms when written as a FRACTION?

8 feet = 96 inches
2 feet 8 inches = 24+8= 32

so is it 32/96

which equals 1/3

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    Rise is always divided by the run.

    Rise/Run is what you must use.

    However, the rise is 96 inches in this case and the run is 32 inches.

    So, our fraction should be 96/32 = 3.

    However, 3 is a whole number not a fraction.

    Is there a typo here?

    Shouldn't the rise be 32 and the run 96? Go back and check your question.

    If the rise is 32 and the run 96, then the answer is 1/3.

    But keep in mind that the correct way to express the fraction in terms of rise and run is rise/run and not run/rise.

    Write back.

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