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In a calorimetry experiment in the lab, you were able to record the following data:

Mass of water in a calorimeter = 90.0 g
Initial temperature of water in calorimeter = 22.0o C
Mass of unknown metal = 45.0 g
Initial temperature of hot metal = 100.0o C
Final temperature of water after you place hot metal in calorimeter filled with water = 28.0o C
Based on the above data, what is the Cp of the metal?
(Cp H2O = 4.184 J/g oC)

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    q = massmetal x Cpmetal x delta Tmetal.
    q = massH2O x CpH2O x delta TH2O.
    Use equation 2 first to calculate q, then use equation 1 (using q from the first calculation) to calculate Cp metal. Post your work if you get stuck.

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    How do i determine the cpH20 and the delta Tmetal?

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    Cp for H2O is given in the problem. Last line in your post.
    Use equation 2 first. You know mass H2O, you know Cp H2O, and you know delta T. Calculate q. Plug that q into equation 1. Now you have q, mass metal, and delta T metal. Calculate Cp metal.

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    sorry, didn't even see that. how does 0.6973 sound?

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    sounds ok. I suppose that's J/g

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    Thanks alot Dr.Bob!

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