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Complete ordered pairs for y=4x+12
(_,0), (3/4,_), (0,_), (-3/4,_)

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    (0,-3) for the third one if i'm doing it right...
    (12,0) for the first
    don't know about the other two

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    in the ordered pair, the first number is always the x, the second is always the y

    so for the first one, y = 0
    0 = 4x + 12
    -12 = 4x
    -3 = x

    so your first one is (-3,0)

    for the second:

    y = 4(3/4) + 12
    y = 3 + 12
    y = 15, so the point is (3/4,15)

    do the last one the same way, you should get (-3/4,9)

    btw, the third is (0,12)

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