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monitoring student progress

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[RECALL] that before a teacher assigns homework or tests, he or she needs to monitor students’ progress to determine their level of understanding. Monitoring techniques include both formal and informal observations

[IDENTIFY] a time-efficient way to monitor independent student work (other than a student raising a hand to signal a need for help)

[DESCRIBE] two ways to refocus student attention when students are working in groups.

[IDENTIFY] special challenges associated with monitoring English language learners.

[SUGGEST] one way to monitor the progress of the English language learners.

[EXPLAIN] how a teacher can monitor student homework.

  • monitoring student progress -

    If you're taking this class because you want to be a teacher, why are you "dumping" this assignment on a homework board?

    If you're serious about becoming a teacher YOU need to think through these instructions and think of your own answers.

    We'll be glad to comment on and critique your answers if you post them.

  • monitoring student progress -

    This seems like something that would have been covered in class or in a textbook. Maybe you should check your notes and look in the text. If you don't have those, you could call a friend, but it doesn't look like you attempted the work yourself.

  • monitoring student progress -

    I am currently in this class, and its not that difficult to GOOGLE the questions inorder to find the answers. Maybe if you alloted yourself with more then 2 hours.

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