English: Consonance and Assonance

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The garden where Marvell scorned love’s solicitude –
that dream – and played instead an arcane solitaire,
shuffling his thoughts like shadowy chance
across the shrubs of ecstasy,
and cast the myths away to flowering hours
as yes, his mind, that sea, caught at the green
thoughts shadowing a green infinity.

Would consonance in this stanza be words such as shadowy, shuffling, shrubs, shadowing
assonance be solicitude, solitaire, cast, ecstacy, sea, ?

  • English: Consonance and Assonance -

    Consonance: http://www.answers.com/consonance
    Examples: group/grope, middle/muddle, wonder/wander
    Listen to the beginning and ending sounds, disregarding the vowels in the middle.

    Examples: jumpy monkey sundae (the /u/ and /o/ sounds in this set of words)
    Listen to vowel sounds, disregarding the beginning and ending sounds.

    Look again -- I don't see any consonance or assonance in your choices. And remember that consonance, assonance, and alliteration (when it's part of the assignment) are usually for immediately successive words, not words separated throughout the piece of writing.

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