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Can you please help me understand this quote in more simpler terms:

"Grandmother was rich and I won't go into this. She was a stout woman with a plain face but the fact that she had happened never to have worried about money had left her, even as an old woma, with n uncommon freshness. She seemed through luck and money to have missed one of the principal sources of anxiety. We were great friends although I sometimes teased her."

What is he trying to say about the grandmother. Is she not worried about money?


    Not just that she is not worried about money, but that she ,although old in age, has a 'youthful' attitude. Her lack of worries about money have given her a positive attitude about life in general.


    He's saying that his grandmother had never had to worry about money. Therefore she was pleasant and relaxed.


    Ok but then how come later when the grandson buys a fake pearl from a department store and puts it into the "guest over for dinner's" oyster, and then when the guest finds it, the grandmother said that it's her house so the pearl should belong to her. Why does she fight for the pearl if she does not care about money? And when she finds out that the pearl is a fake, she gets very upset at her grandson?


    I'm not familiar with this work (whatever it is), but is it possible that the grandson was wrong in his initial assessment of her attitude about money?

    If you tell us where that quote comes from -- we may be able to help you better.


    It comes from a book called Bullet Park from Chapter XII. Although, the teacher just photocopied like 3 pages and gave them to us to analyse. He never gave us a book.

    1. How did the boy feel about the incident involving the pearl?

    2. How did the grandmother feel after the pearl incident? Give the full range of possible feelings.

    3. Why were things "never the same?"

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