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i hope you feel better.

i have 3 more to do

in the following situations write sentences to explain how you feel.

1. tienas una temperatura de 103

my answer tener fiebre

2. tu amigo te dijo que no puede ir al concierto contigo


3. tu mejor amiga se va para vivir en otro pais.

my answer: estar enojado

I hope you are feeling better

  • spanish -

    You have to put the verbs in the correct forms, ex: tener= tengo, tienes, tiene, tenemos, tienen

  • sra mcguin help -

    I am confused on this please

  • spanish SRA MCGUINN -

    help if you have time please thanks

  • spanish -

    Christian was trying to explain that in #1 "tienas" does not exist and must be "tienes." He gave you all the forms of the verb "tener."

    #2 = Your friend told you that he can not go to the concert with you. I don't know if you were given choices to use. If not, "está ocupado" = he is busy would work OR "estar ocupado" since you gave the infinitive form in #1.

    #3. Were you to answer how YOU feel or how the friend who made the statement felt? If it's the 2nd, change #2 to "estar triste."

    Same problem with #3 = always give me "word for word" the instructions of what to do! Otherwise I'm only guessing and that won't help you!

    Your answer for #3 works of you are to say how YOU feel = you are angry that she's going to live in another country. I, however, would not be angry, but upset, sad, etc.


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