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The first sentence was Manolo Leticia, que tienas? Te sientes mal?

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    I'm reading the last post first! You don't say what you need here, but there has to be an error. If it's present tense, it would read: Manolo Leticia, ¿qué tienes? = M. L., what do you have? ¿Te sientes mal? = Do you feel bad? (Are you ill?)

    I translated it since I don't know what else you wanted me to do.

    NOTE: I had my foot surgery so I was 3 days downstairs. This morning I finally bounced up the stairs on my derrière and hands. When I try to walk, it's like one million red-hot pins jabbing my foot! I'm in a boot so after I answer your questions, I'll be going back downstairs to put the foot higher than my heart with an ice pack on the ankle.

    Be sure you post everything while I'm here doing your other posts!


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    we are suppose to choose from the seven word and insert them in the balnks the site would not let me post balnks so I put in numbers.

    It starts off Manolo: Leticia, que tienas? Te sientes mal?

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