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The density of gold is 19.3 g/cc (g/ml). If a gold rod has a diameter of 4.20cm and 8.0 cm long. What is the mass?

I just need to know if I did this right...
r= 2.1

3.14 x 2.1^2 x 8.0 = 110.835g

19.3 g/cc x 110.835g = 2139.12 g/ml

m = 2139.12

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    The digits are ok.
    If your prof watches significant figures, your final answer should be rounded to 2.14 x 10^3 and you omitted the units; i.e., grams.

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    In a car gas tank, 46.0 g of gasoline burns consuming 173 g of oxygen. The resultant products are carbon dioxide are carbon dixide and water. What is the total combined mass of the products?

    Would I just add 46.0g + 173g?

    I can't remember how to do it...

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    How do you determine the type and number of each type of element in H2SO4?

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