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learning is defined as "an relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience". Is this a universal definition or does it vary by culture? Defend your position.

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    I think it's a universal definition. However, there is a vast continuum of learning and the change of behavior varies a great deal.

    For instance, a young child burns his finger by touching a lighted candle and learns that fire is hot. This probably results in a permanent change in his behavior, and he doesn't stick his finger in a flame again.

    However, learning the states and capitals usually results in a short-term change in behavior. The student who aces the states and capitals test will probably forget many of them soon.

    Some learning may change as the person learns more. As a child, I detested the taste of pineapple and avoided it. However, as an adult I tasted ripe pineapple, found it delicious, and altered my behavior again.

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