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Physics ( just need a lil help multiplying

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Calculate the force of gravity between a 2.50 kg newborn baby and a 80.0 kg doctor standing 0.250 m away. G = 6.67 E -11 N*m2/kg2

My work

Fg = (Gm1 Gm2) /d^2
m1=2.50 kg
m2=80.0 kg
d=0.250 m
g=6.67 E -11 N*m2/kg2

Fg = (Gm1 Gm2) /d^2
Fg= g ( 2.50 kg)(80.0 kg)/0.250m^2
Fg= (6.67 E -11 N*m2/kg2)( 2.50 kg)(80.0 kg)/0.250m^2

I keep messing up at the end i cant get the right answer. I just needto know how to multiply that last part, im getting confused with the gravity part of it...

  • Physics ( just need a lil help multiplying -

    You have all the numbers correct in the formula, so all you have to do is make the calculation. Having 0.250^2 (which is 1/16) in the denominator is the same as multiplying by 16.
    I get 2.13*10^-7 Newtons for the answer. All of the other dimensions cancel (kg and m) out

  • Physics ( P.S.) -

    I had the advantage of using a hand calculator with scientific notation. I'm lazy.

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