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describe the effects of this convergence on the level of connectivity between places?

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    Which convergence?

    Please explain, and we'll be glad to help you find the answer.

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    ?? idk

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    Time- space compression
    describe the effects of this convergence on the level of connectivity between places?

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    Sorry, but we still need more information. What places? That topic would take a whole bunch of books to cover without more definition.

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    Here's a guess about what you're asking.

    Today we can send email, faxes, IMs around the world and the recipient gets them instantaneously. Space is compressed as plane travel doesn't take more than 24 hours to deliver people and goods any place on earth.

    Any place on earth can receive a message immediately and be reached in person within a day or so. Thus we're all interconnected in ways that have been impossible before.

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    Time-space compression is a term used to describe processes that seem to accelerate the experience of time and reduce the significance of distance during a given historical moment

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