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A paralle plate air capacitor has a capacitance of 500.0 pF and a charge of magnitude 0.200 uC on each plate. The plates are 0.6 mm apart. (a) What is the potenetial difference between the plates? (b) What is the area of each plate? (c) What is the electric field magnitude between the plates? (d) What is the surface charge density on each plate?

ok..I am TOTALLY lost! someone help please! at least get me started! haha

  • Physics -

    a) Q = CV so V = Q/C
    You don't need to now the plate spacing yet, but you will fr the next step

    b) C = epsilon0*A/d
    epsilon0 = 8.84*10^-12 F/m
    Solve for the plate area A. You know C (the capacitance) and d (the plate spacing) already

    (c) E = V/d newtons per coulomb. Get V from part (a)

    d) = Q/A Get the area from (b)

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