English literarure(a streetcar named desire)

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infact my problem is that i dnt know how to start answering this empathy question.Can you please help me??th question is thet; Imagine you are stanley.write your opinion about Blanche (scene 1).please help me.

  • English literarure(a streetcar named desire) -

    I suggest you read all the lines in scene where Stanley talks to her. He asks her is she'd like a drink, she declines, saying she never drinks, and then he takes off his sweaty shirt in front of her. It seems to me he sizes her up as a phony, who is putting on airs of sophistication and superiority, and has much to hide.

    I don't have the play available to me; you'd better do your own reading and form your own opinions.

  • English literarure(a streetcar named desire) -

    thnx a lot

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