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hi,i need serious help with my h.w.
i m in speech class and i need to find FREE persuasive or informative speeches on global warming or on global poverty online (or any other good topic). i v been searching online 4 2 days straight nd i can't find anything. can u pleez help me? u need to pay 4 everything!!

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    If I understand your question correctly, you need to make a speech on global warming or global poverty.

    Research these sites for information about these topics.

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    After you've researched the topic, you can write your own speech. :-)

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    Here's a link to a transcript of a speech given by former vice president Al Gore on global warming.

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    thnx but according to my speech teacher, we aren't aloud to write our own speech. we have to use a prewritten one. And our speech has to be a max of 6 mins long. thank u 4 ur help though.

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    You were given a link to a prewritten speech. If you want to make it shorter, edit it. I can't imagine why a speech teacher would forbid you from writing your own speech.

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    i know right, but my teacher says its against the rules. i wanted to write my own very badly.

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    Just in case you come back to check on this...

    Here is a blog post that has several truly excellent links to famous American speeches:


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