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when is partial factoring used?

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    When no other method helps you break up a complex polynomial?

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    We are learning about parabolas and the question was using partial facotring to find 2 points that lie on the parabola. How would I do that?
    Ex. y=x^2-12x+23

  • math -

    In mrs.Quimby's Class, everyone plays on a team. There are five more soccer players than baseball players. There are three more students on the track team than on the baseball team.There are two more football players than hockey players. There are three more students on the track team than the football team. Then number of baseball and football players equals 8. How many players are on each team? how many students are there in the class?

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    x^2 + 12x + ? what is the ? to make a perfect square. Answer, half of 12, squared, or six squared, or ...

    x^2+12x+36 makes a perfect square.

    y= x^2+12x + 36 +23 -36 Notice we added 36 and subtracted 36 to keep it equal to y.

    y= (x+6)^2 - 13

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