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Late in the semester, a friend tells you, "I was going to drop my psychology course so I could concentrate on my other courses, but I had already put so much time into the course that I decided not to drop it" What do you think of your friend's reasoning? Would it make a difference to your answer if your friend has to pass the psychology course at some point to graduate? Explain

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    Jamie - if you give some idea of what you think the answers to your questions might be, you'd stand a better chance of having someone respond. We don't do homework for students, but we are glad to comment on the students' answers.

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    Oh, okay. Thanks.
    This is my first microecon class, and I'm just kind of lost!

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    I think this is good reasoning. If you've paid for the class and it's deep into the semester, why would you drop it? Plus, you've paid for it. And, of course, if the class is going to be required, then you'd have to pay and expend the time AGAIN which would be a total waste.

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    I agree with you! :-) The cost benefit of sticking with the class certainly outweighs the advantage of having more time to study for other classes.

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