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Hey guys. I'm wondering if you can help me with my Term Paper, if you can help me outline it. My term paper is about Marijuana. Basically an expository. There is no other instructions.

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    including definition and thesis statement)

    where grown
    legal status


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    Term Paper? On Marijuana?

    YOu could write a book on that. What about Marijuana do you want to explore? Legality? Medical Uses? History? Cultivation? Societal Norms? Profile of those in jail because of it? Is it really a gateway drug? State jurisdiction vs Federal jurisdiction? Importation of from other countries? Impact on crime?

    What I am suggesting is that you think out what you are doing, then try to figure out a thesis and outline. Otherwise, you will ramble.

    Post what you get, we will gladly critique it.

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    I usually nixed the idea of any type of drug as the topic of any research/term paper for the very reason Bobpursley stated -- "You could write a book on that."

    Narrow that topic down, or else you'll do one of two things -- you'll end up writing a book or the paper will be so superficial, it'll be awful.

    Better yet, pick a different and better topic.


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