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do you know why anything to the zero power is one????

thanks in advance

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    Look below to the question from Usher

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    From the second law of exponents, a^m/a^n = a^(m-n). If m=n we have
    a^n/a^n = a(n-n) = a^0. But a^n/a^n = 1. Since quantities that are equal to the same quantity are equal to each other, it follows that a^0 = 1. In words, any quantity (except zero) with a zero exponent must have a numerical value equal to 1.

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    i don't know what is your level in maths..
    so you can write x^a/x^a=1
    but,in fact,it's wring because it's not defined for x=0
    so your answer is right but in high school it's wrong...

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