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an anchor shoots an arrow into a piece of wood. the arrow is traveling at 120 km/h when it strikes the wood. the arrow penetrates 3.8 cm into the wood before stopping. what is the average acceleration (in m/s^2) into the wood?

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    first convert 120 km/hr into m/s
    120 km/hr(1000 m/km)(1 hr /3600 s) = 33.3 m/s
    It drops from 120 to zero so during the stop it averaged 33.3/2 m/s = 16.65 /s SPEED
    it went .038 meters at average speed of 16.65 so it took .038 m /16.65 m/s = .00228 seconds to stop.
    so change in speed/change in time = (0 - 33.3) / .00228
    = -14605 m/s^2

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