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A right rectangular tank with a 12 unit by 8 unit base is filled with water to a depth of 5 units. The water rises 1.5 units when a solid cube is completely submerged in the tank. In simplest radical form, the edge of the cube is k*cube root of w units. Find the value of k plus w.

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    The volume of the cube raises the water 1.5 units
    so the volume of the cube is:
    1.5 * 12 * 8 units cubed
    V = 144 units^3
    that is the cube of the edge of the cube
    144 = (k* w^1/3)^3 = k^3 w
    That is all I can do with the information given.

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    Oh, I see from your earlier questions that you are doing only integer answers
    Well, 144 is a handy number being 12^2
    2 * 2 * 3 * 2 * 2 *3
    two will have to be cubed
    8 * 18 is 2^3 * 18
    So I think k = 2 and w = 18

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