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When I want to say "In Canada,..." do i say En Canada or Au Canada. Canada is a masculin country, do i use au?

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    masculin country --> au
    exemple : au canada
    au mexique
    au japon...

    féminin --> en
    en chine
    en france...

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In addition to the assistance from mk-tintin, here's a little lesson on Geographical Expressions.

    The definite article (le, l', la, les) is used with names of countries, continents, provinces, mountains and bodies of water, but not with names of cities.

    Prepositions with Place Names:

    1. To express "to" or "in" with place names:

    en = feminine countries, continents, provinces

    au, aux = masculine countries

    dans + definite article = modified countries, continents

    à = cities

    (If you'd like examples, just ask!)

    2. To express "from" with place names:

    de = feminine countries, continents, provinces

    de + definite article = masculine countries, countries, continents
    and modified countries, continents

    de = cities

    NOTE: 1. With masculine countries, the definite article is always used.
    2. A few cities always have a definite article in French, since the article is part of the name:

    examples: le Havre la Nouvelle-Orléans
    to, in: au Havre à la Nouvelle-Orléans
    from: du Havre de la Nouvelle-Orléans

    P.S. If this is the lesson you are studying, I'll be glad to give y ou a list of feminine countries, continents, provinces + masculine countries + mountains and waterways.


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    countries/contients where french is spoken

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    I know the preposition for masculine and feminine countries using en or au. But I don't know if this makes a difference, what i want to say is that, for example, "In Canada, we study hard." The "in Canada" is Canada in general, not necessarily a prepositon, would that be au also?

    And yes, it would be helpful if you can list the feminine countries and masculine and also if you can, could you also list the languages spoken in those countries? thanks.

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