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Honors Geometry

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I'm stuck on these 2 problems. My Geometry teacher won't help me.

What is the inverse of the Isosceles Triangle Theorem (ITT)?

What is the contrapositive of the Isosceles Triangle Theorem (ITT)?

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    Here is how I remember this:

    1. hypothesis
    If a cow, then a mammal.
    assume true

    2. converse
    If a mammal, then a cow.

    3. inverse
    If not a cow, then not a mammal.

    4. contrapositive
    If not a mammal, then not a cow.

    You can also draw Venn diagram to remember this.

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    I am not sure how your book stated theorem, there are several "isosceles triangle theorems.
    here is perhaps the most likely:


    If two sides equal, then opposite angles equal.

    If two sides not equal, then opposite angles not equal

    If two angles not equal, then opposite sides not equal.

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    hmm.. okay, but i'm not really seeing how that goes with the ITT

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    Tell me what ITT is exactly.

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    Put your ITT in the form



    That is the hypothesis. The rest just follows the recipe.

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    Okay, the ITT is
    If a triangle has two congruent sides, then the angles oppositeof those sides are congruent

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    Okay. I figured the problem out now. Thanks for your help!

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    Good, I figured you would !

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