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One of the things I have observed about religion is that it is subject to mass marketing. That is, religion, and I am thinking of no particular faith here, can sometimes be seen to sell itself to the public through the media. This is a relatively recent phenomenon with the advent of radio, tv and now the internet. Do these new large religious organizations (which are effective) constitute new forms of religion? What do you think about them in general?

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    I assume you're talking about the so-called megachurches. Do you think they are a new form of religion? What do you think about them in general?

    Please tell us what you think about them and we'll be glad to comment.

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    I I think that sometimes religion is over publicized, and that people can be made to feel that they are wrong if they do not attend the correct type of church. WHo are they to say what is right for religion? I feel that a person interactions with God should be personal. I feel that God and I have our own connection, and that I do not need to prove anything. Unfourtenly that is not the impression that I get from these big church orgnazations.

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    You're expressed some excellent arguments. But, are these churches "new" forms of religion? Relgions have usually publicized themselves -- whether by word-of-mouth, letters (as St. Paul's letters to distant communities), or bloodshed.

    By the way -- in the last sentence, the word should be "Unfortunately."

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    Your statement that these "religions"are effective depends entirely on your measures of religious effectiveness.
    Do they preach to the lost, or converted? Whom is the message delivered to?
    If you measure the effectiveness in bringing in the unchurched as church members, it is not effective in most instances. If you measure it in terms of bringing in money, it is effective. If you measure it in terms of seeking out new converts, the effectiveness is largely poor.
    Sue makes a good point. I remember Herbert Armstrong, which by any means was mostly a new religion, which fame grew on radio networks. But looking back, and looking on the Worldwide Church today, can one say it was effective?

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