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All of the following are truewith regard to the French philosophers except

a. Their ideas sparked the french revolutin
b. they promoted the rights of the lower classes, the min participants in the French Revolution
c. They contributed to the new forms of criticism and debate
d. they were mostly read by the nobility

i thouth it was D

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    I agree. Many of the other people were illiterate.

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    wait if many of the other people being illiterate make d not the answer

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    Ooops. I misread the question too. How about b.? Did the philosophers really promote the rights of the lower classes?

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    ok thanks

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    although, the nobility were against the philosophers, because they had opposing ideas, against gov't and other facts which the nobility did not like to be corrected on

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    so thus, the nobility would try to avoid reading their works, and instead opress them, and arresting them

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    19$ and 2001$

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