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I need some help with collecting data to graph how fast others can say the tongue twister (The sunshade sheltered Sarah from the sunshine). I need help with making a table of the data.

I am uncetain if each person is to say the tongue twister once and I time how many seconds, or do I time the person for a certain amount of seconds to see how many times the person can say the tongue twister.

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    A larger percent error is made in timing if you time just saying the twister one time. Therefore, I would set a time, for example 30 seconds, and count the number of times the person can say the twister. An alternative is to time how long it takes for them to say it ?? times, where ?? is a number you pick that is convenient for you to measure. Just remember that if you time it for 10 seconds and you make an error of just 1 second in the measurement(that's not a large error in real time), you have made a 10% error in measurement.

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