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King Artur reposted with my answer

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Why has the story of King Arthur endured for as long as it has? Why does the story appeal to such a wide variety of people? Would King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table be considered heroes today?

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King Arthur - GuruBlue, Friday, January 11, 2008 at 3:21pm
What an interesting question! When you have written what you think about this topic, we will be happy to give you further input.

King Arthur - Katie, Friday, January 11, 2008 at 7:30pm
Maybe the story of King Arthur has lasted so long because there are so many versions and it is hard to say whether King Arthur was real or not. I don't know what about the story appeals to a variety of people because I hate it. This is why I asked. Did the knights of the round table really do anything heroic? In my opinion they wouldn't be heroes today but I'm not sure. I'm not positive on any of the questions I have asked that's why I asked them. So why has the story of King Arthur lasted so long and why does it appeal to so many people? Would the knights be considered heroes today?

  • King Arthur reposted with my answer -

    You may not like the story, but you need to approach it (for this assignment of yours) without that bias.

    What is there about a story involving a strong, well loved king, his beautiful queen, and his gallant and brave knights that have entranced people over hundreds of years? The question is not asking if you like the story. It's asking why the whole idea has endured and has had appeal for a large number of people.

    Here are some definitions and examples of heroes. Notice that the term hasn't been thrown around and applied to very many people/characters.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    And there are many others. Just go to or and enter the word hero to see more.

    Let us know what YOU THINK in response to these questions, and someone here will be happy to comment on your ideas.

  • King Artur reposted with my answer -

    Thanks for the websites on heroes. I think that the legend of King Arthur has lasted so long because people are fascinated with the story. It is hard to tell what of the legend is true or not and if King Arhtur really ever existed at all and I think people like to make their own conclusions of the story. Are any of my thoughts correct on why the legend has lasted so long and why it appeals to so many people? This essay is for my final exam so it is worth a good portion of my grade.

  • King Artur reposted with my answer -

    Yes, I think you're right. It's the magic of legend that helps fire up people's imaginations. I like your idea about people liking to make their own conclusions, too -- I think that's a powerful reason.

  • King Artur reposted with my answer -

    My opinion on why it appeals... These were some of the first tales of 'chivalry'...Heroes fighting to right wrongs. The society of that day had as many "evil doers" as we do today...and we are looking for heroes still today to "right those wrongs". We have always loved the stories of simple people who will go out and dare the impossible. We would like to be as "chivalrous" as they were. In addition these were supposedly real people, at least there is some basis in history.... and they brought the first footstep in polite society to barbarian England. We feel that they set the pattern for whom we were to become.

  • King Artur reposted with my answer -

    Is your name really Katie?

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