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Mob Psychology

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Can anyone give me an example of the use of mob psychology in history?


  • Mob Psychology -

    Hitler's rise to power in Germany is the first example that comes to mind. Hatred for the Jews -- and eventually the Holocaust -- is another example.

    In the southern U.S. lynch mobs that killed African-Americans is yet another example.

  • Mob Psychology -

    The riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King trial.

    And just about any other riot you want to name...

  • Mob Psychology -

    The use of mob psychology? Ever been to a pep rally? Or a political rally? Or a rock concert? Or the end zone bleachers in a Professional Football game when the opposing team had the ball on the one yard line? Mob psychology is used to get everyone to act in unison, voiding any semblance of individual rational action.

  • Mob Psychology -

    The Crucible is a great example. I love reading about how one ordinary person can influence everyone in a town. This play is so well written that I began to wonder if there really were witches!

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