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art history

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which alphabet goes to which meaning?

faux surface _
eclecticism _
concrete construction _
verism _
vesuvius _
aqueduct _
pantheon _
equestrian portrait _

a. dome for all gods
b. honest way of making art
c. 1st style wall painting
d. 4th style wall painting
e. famous emperor
f. allowed revolutionary developments in architecture
g. marcus aurelius
h. ashlar masonry
i. destroyer of pompeii & herculaneum
j. roman engineering feat.

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    I'll tell you what; when you have given your best answers, we will be more than happy to give you further suggestions and corrections.

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    Either or are good places to research this type of information.


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    heres what i have\

    1) e
    2) f
    3) h
    4) b
    5) k
    6) a
    7) d
    8) g

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