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Genetically engineered food

1. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Genetically engineered food is not harmful at all.

2. Why do you think genetically engineered food is bad/good for health?

3. Have you ever eaten genetically engineered food?

4. How many time did you eat genetically engineered food?

5. Have you ever seen genetically engineered food displayed at a store?

6. Do your family feel comfortable when they eat genetically engineered food?

7. Are people allowed to eat genetically engineered food in your country?

8. How often do you go out to shop genetically engineered food?

9. Have you ever seen genetically engineered food on TV?

10. Do you think genetically engineered food will save people who are hungry in underdeveloped countries?

11. Have you ever been to a farm where genetically engineered food is grown?

12. What are some of the advantages of GM foods?

13. What are some of the criticisms against GM foods?

14. How are GM foods regulated and what is the government's role in this process?

I have posted questions about genetically engineered food? Are the quetions all grammatical?

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    All questions except #4 and #6 are grammatically correct. Number 4 would better be written as "How many times have you eaten genetically engineered food?". It probably should be preceeded by the word "Approximately", since most people do not keep an accurate count. In #6, the verb "do" does not go with the singular subject "family". Choose "does" instead.
    In #13, "criticisms of.. " sounds better than "criticisms against..". In #10, "greatly reduce hunger" sounds better than "save people who are hungry".
    I think you ought to spell out "GM" in the last three questions. I assume you mean "geneitically modified", which (I assume) means the same thing as the "genetically engineered" that you used in the other questuions.

    I assume you are not asking us to answer these questions for you.

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