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Where can I find more information to use in my report for this question? I need 500 words and I only have 250. Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

How can the country best prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of its current and future citizens?

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    Here are the sites I found that may help you.

    Essentially your report should be more about your opinions of how the country can prepare for the change from a culture with a predominately European heritage to one with more Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterners, and African-Americans. You might consider more diversity education in schools and workplaces. How about more media exposure to various ethnic and cultural groups?

    You probably should include the prospects of either a woman or an African-American as our next president.

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    Perhaps the country doesn't need to DO anything. It has gradually absorbed new immigrants into our culture over many years. I think we'll continue to expand traditional notions of race and ethnicity to include many different cultures.

    My own family's heritage was northern and western European for many generations. Yet, within the past generation or two we've welcomed a Mexican and a Filipino into our family. Two of my closest friends are Korean and Vietnamese -- highly unlikely in midwestern America several years ago.

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