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Hey everyone I really need help with this question.

A 10kg object is attached to a 1.5m long rope suspended from the ceiling. The object is pulled until the rope makes a 35 degree angle with the vertical. Disregarding air resistance, what would the speed of the rope at the bottom of its swing

Any help is good,

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    Find the potential energy given to the object when the rope is pulled to the side. This is just the height difference. The new distance from the ceiling is 1.5m * sin(35). The original distance was just the rope length (1.5m). Use mgh for the potential energy gained. Now, at the bottom of the swing, all of the potential energy has been converted to kinetic energy.
    kinetic energy = potential energy (which was just computed).
    The familiar forumula for kinetic energy is:
    Ke = 1/2 m v^2
    Solve for v.

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