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Math Algebra

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I am stuck on simplifying four problems, I cannot figure out which steps i need to make. Can you please help me.

6x^4 - 8
2a² + a²b + ab + 1
12m²p + 35nq³
a²b - a² - 2b -2

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    What do you mean by "simplify?" Express in factor form?

    6x^4 - 8 = 6(x^4 -4/3)
    = 6[x^2 + sqrt(4/3)]{x^2 - sqrt(4/3)]
    The last term in brackets fan be factored one more.

    a²b - a² - 2b -2 = a^2(b-1) -2(b+1)

    Those don't look any "simpler" than the original versions.

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