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The sale price for a house was
$ 50,000. It was on sale for 5% off.
Original Price?

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    Price sale - $50 000
    Percentage off from original price - 5%
    Price off from original price - $2 500 (50 000 x 0.05 = 2 500)

    Original price:
    50 000 + 2 500 = $52 000

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    performing operations

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    I am doing a scavenger hunt with math problems I am in the sixth grade the beginning problem is 7<t Please help me with the order of operations for this problem

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    I believe the reasoning on the 52,000 answer is flawed. This is why. You are not looking for 5% of 50,000 but for 5% of WHAT is 50,000. If you set this up as a ratio-type problem, it would be percent over 100 and is over of (% OF what IS 50,000) therefore the 50,000 would be the denominator and on the percent side, since you are paying 95% of the original price, your problem would look like this 50,000/x = 95/100. When you multiply top to bottom (50,000x100=5.000,0000) then divide by the 95, your answer is 52632, which I believe is the correct answer.

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