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Algebra II

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Buggs made the trip at 40 mph during the first Hiatus. Joan Made the same trip at 50 mph during the second hiatus. How long was the trip if it took Buggs 2 hours longer than it took Joan.

I know the Distance equals rate X Time and I tried using that meathod three times but i keep coming up with a negative time and i know that that is wrong will someone lead me on the right path???

  • Algebra II -

    name rate time distance
    Buggs 40___t_____D
    Joan- 50 (t-2)___D
    40 t = 50(t-2)
    40 t = 50 t - 100
    -10t = -100
    t = +10

  • Algebra II -

    time it took Joan = X
    time it took Buggs = X+2 hrs.
    distance each traveled is the same.
    distance Joan = r*time = 50t
    distance for Buggs = r*time = 40*(X+2)
    40*(X+2) = 50X
    solve for X = time for Joan.
    X+2 = time for Buggs.

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