English Literature: Macbeth

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true or false:?

1) lady macbeth goes mad and during the sleepwalking scene confesses her crimes.

2) macbeth has had no joy in his kingship.

3)The doctor says that given enough time, he can cure Lady Macbeth of her illness.

4) When Macbeth learns of his wife's death, he grieves deeply.

5) When Macbeth realizes that the prophecy concerning Birnam Wood has come true, he says he'll at least die like a man.

6) When Macduff mentions his unnatural birth, Macbeth at first cringes and says he won't fight, but he changes his mind when he realizes the humiliation he will suffer if captured.

Could you please write the number next to the answer? Like 1F, 2T, 3F....etc?
Thank you! And happy new years!

  • English Literature: Macbeth -

    Please note that we're not here to do your work for you.

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